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Currently there are two standards that are widely used for Social Responsibility and Accountability. The most recently published document is ISO 26000, which is a comprehensive guidance document covering a variety of issues related to social responsibility. An important pre-cursor to ISO 26000 is SA 8000.

SA 8000 is an international standard for Social Accountability which establishes minimum criteria for decent working conditions.

SA 8000 is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions.

SA 8000 covers the following areas of accountability:

• Child labor

• Forced labor

• Workplace safety and health

• Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

• Discrimination

• Discipline

• Working hours

• Remuneration

• Management System for Human Resources

How QSI Can Help

QSI can help organizations by providing fundamental Training Services to help interpret the requirements of SA 8000 as well as the guidance provided in ISO 26000. We also offer advanced SA 8000 training for Auditors and Lead Auditors based on ISO 19011.

With extensive experience in Social Responsability/Accountability, our approach to audit services is one where we create positive environment conducive for achieving Management System objectives.

QSI can support organizations that are currently certified or that have already chose a Certification Body by providing Assessment Services to either help get them ready for Certification and/or by providing on-going Internal Audits after SA 8000 Certification has been achieved.

If your organization has embarked on social responsibility initiatives that are consistent with the ISO 26000 principles, we can verify that these projects are in-fact implemented and issue an attestation document to that effect.

For individual SA 8000 Auditors, Consultants, Instructors and Technical Experts that wish to become Certified, QSI administers a Personnel Certification Program based on ISO 17024.

If you need additional information on how QSI can help you meet your organizational or personal development and improvement objectives, please free to Contact Us.