The ferry that Armón plans to build in Gijón will have a dual fuel system

The ferry that Grupo Armón plans to build in Gijón will have a dual system that will allow it to use Liquefied Natural Gas. Never before has a ferry been made in Asturias with the option of being propelled to gas. The first dual ships made in the region are the tugboats of Astilleros Gondán.

The fact that Armón and Gondán opted for the construction of gas-powered engines further supports the justification for the use of the El Musel regasification plant as a natural gas refueling center. The growing demand for this type of fuel, which has been used by ships from northern Europe for a decade, has led to the need to standardize LNG storage operations. Along these lines, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently issued new international regulations to improve safety in the bunkering operations of Liquefied Natural Gas.

With the new ISO 20519 ‘Vessels and marine technology: specifications for the bunkering of ships with liquefied natural gas’, the Organization intends that the bunkering operations of this type of fuel be carried out in a sustainable and safe way, since it will help Operators to select suppliers that meet safety and fuel quality standards.

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