Renowned technology company buys green energy to achieve its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions

In its Sustainability Report, Ricoh puts forward a series of objectives, such as the reduction of environmental impact in the medium and long term (2020 and 2050), prevention of global warming, recycling and conservation of biodiversity, or prevention of pollution , Concern their ecosystem of partners, collaborators and shareholders and, by extension, the whole of society.

Sustainability has been part of Ricoh’s DNA since its inception, so it works to achieve a 360º sustainable business. Thus, in line with the guidelines of Ricoh’s Mid-Term Management Plan, which runs from April 2014 through March 2017, Ricoh should reach 2020 by being an environmental-friendly company.

To do this, in the area of ​​energy conservation and prevention of global warming, Ricoh’s top managers believe in commitment to future generations and for this reason the company allocates resources annually to maintain a sustainable business. To this end, they have set themselves the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 30% by 2020, a figure that will rise to 87.5% by the year 2050, Reference the level of emissions of the year 2000.

Environmental policies at the international level can be supported through management standards aimed at establishing guidelines on pollution prevention, among which the ISO 14001 standard is implemented by organizations that want to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment.

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