New ISO handbook for adventure tourism safety

Developing, implementing and maintaining a safety management system (SMS) requires a big effort. To assist adventure tourism providers in this task, a new handbook has been published. It gives simple step-by-step guidance and is completely aligned with the requirements of ISO 21101 for adventure tourism safety management.

Whether it be trekking, scuba diving, rafting, canyoning, bungy jumping or any other exciting outdoor activity, keeping participants safe is a priority. But as an adventure tourism operator, how can you ensure that no box is left unticked and that your business does not neglect or miss out any important steps? ISO 21101 has been designed to provide a systematic approach to safety. The SMS outlined in the standard can be used by small and large companies alike, operating anywhere in the world.

ISO 21101 helps:

  • Enhance safety performance
  • Meet expectations for participant and staff safety
  • Demonstrate safe practice
  • Support compliance with applicable legal requirements

QSI America can contribute to the growth and development of its clients by offering training, auditing and certification services in order to fulfill their expectations.

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