Certification in ISO 22000 from the hand of QSI

QSI for 24 years has promoted the organizational excellence of its clients, offering them consulting, training and certification services under ISO standards.

Within the ISO standard promoted by QSI America stands ISO 22000, standard for establishing the requirements for the implementation of food safety management system. It is an international standard suitable for any company in the food chain, including interrelated organizations such as equipment producers, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

ISO 22000 seeks to: introduce internationally recognized processes in companies, provide suppliers and stakeholders with confidence in risk controls, establish such risk controls in the supply chain, introduce transparency regarding responsibilities and improve and update Systems to continue to be effective.

QSI, through its certification process, of quality management systems, develops an audit scheme that allows its clients to evaluate the conformity of their work processes and encourage continuous improvement.

The decision to implement a quality management system based on ISO 22000 by QSI America represents a strategic decision that will potentially increase the competitive advantages of any company in the market.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, QSI offers its services through a network of global representatives, resources and strategic relationships.

QSI America can contribute to the growth and development of its clients by offering training, auditing and certification services in order to fulfill their expectations.

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